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Females cum and discharge?????????

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I believe it can either be the same, or different. I'll explain.


Sometimes when a female orgasms, there can be a small amount of normal lubricatory fluid expelled due to muscle contractions. The fluid had been collecting there already due to high excitement levels. The contractions serve to expel it. This would be the same as what you are calling a normal discharge, the same fluid that's normally present during periods of excitement.


In addition, in some cases there does seem to be a different type of fluid expelled by very few females. This has been proven not to be urine, as some suspected, but the experts don't seem to know exactly what it is, or what it's purpose is. But most are now willing to agree there does seem to be some form of female expulsion of fluid in a limited number of cases. Most women never have never had occasion to experience this, and many who do are unnecessarily embarrassed about it, but shouldn't be.

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I think i know.


Ok once you stimulate the gspot long enough it will become hard and stuff.

If you have done a real good job then she will being to excrete "Male Pre-cum" from her urethra. it has been debated if females do have a prostrate gland but the fluid a woman exctres after reciving great sexual prelsaure and the male pre cum are the same thing with diffrent hormones.

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