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when a girl rides a guy?


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well, usually,..... yea he just sits there and enjoys it. He will occaisionally touch the breasts and the vagina.....

When the girls legs get tired after a while he may help them with his arms, by grabbing the butt and helping them move up and down


Also, the girl can squat and stay still, and the guy can thrust his hips. I hope you can vision what i am talking about because i dont really know of any other way to put it lol. I hope i helped you

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Don't just lay there. Stay busy. There's lots of stuff you can do. You can caress her waist, butt, etc. You can play with her nipples, you can pull her close and nibble on her ears, kiss her neck, etc. One thing that usually works pretty good is to pull her close, have her arch up her butt, and reach behind and rub her clit while she's riding you. It's a bit of an awkward reach the first few times you do it, but once you get the hang of it you will notice a pretty dramatic increase in her enjoyment. Or, you can pull her legs forward into the "frogger" position, and lean her back a little bit. Then you have unobstructed access to her clit with your thumb. Just make sure you use alot of spit though. A "dry rub" on her clit is a bad deal.


Just think about it. Everytime YOU are on top, do you want her to just "lay there"?


I think not......lol

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my bf lays there and enjoys it, he'll stimulate my clit with his hands or play with my breasts. when i'm on top, i prefer to do most of the work...i know he gets a big workout when he's on top so i like to let him rest. one thing he will do, when i'm on top, is he will stick his pelvis upward, so he gets in deeper...and that helps a lot ;-)

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my husband enjoys it. he'll pull me close sometimes for kisses and he'll often play with my nipples and sometimes he'll thrust up when i'm going down. in my opinion, if i wanted him to just lay there, i'd give him a blow job instead [which i do sometimes]. i don't just lay there if he's on top.

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