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So I'm not sure if I've posted this in the right place (I think it could've been under "healing after a break up or breaking up") but as I've stated before my bf and I are on a "break" / relationship vacation/ etc. We have been on NC for about 5 days now (haven't seen each other in almost two weeks and the contact was via email and not phone or text). In the email I asked him about the status of our relationship, etc and he said that he didn't know what the future held and he doesn't know if everything will be OK with us so he doesn't want to give me "false hope" of us getting back together and everything being OK.


So I've spent my time dealing and I recently met a really cute guy. He and I have been corresponding via text and haven't done anything (in fact, we pretty much just met) -- but I can't help but feel guilty? In a sense I feel like I'm betraying my boyfriend by doing this!


Is this a normal feeling? Is what I am doing wrong? I love my (ex)bf and would love to reconcile, but I don't want to wait until he decides he wants to? I just can't help but feel like I'm cheating on him though!


Is what I'm doing wrong? Dating so soon after the "break"? I don't want him to think that I don't/ didn't value our relationship -- it's just easier for me to move on this way.

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don't feel guilty deary... i think you're on the right track. nothing's wrong with making new friends. just make sure that you're sincere with your purpose of making friends with this new guy because it would be very unfair if you're just 'using' (sorry for the word) him to forget about your ex. take it slowly but surely.

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If U feeling guilty that means, in your opinion (U’r mind judging U) U’ve done something wrong. Maybe because brake up is not final.


It seems that U would be happy to complete ending it, & move on. And, If U read he’s just not that much into into U, his words would mean he’s nicely braking up w/U.


However, U need give U’r self time to reflect on what went wrong & learn. If U don’t give U’r self time to learn, U will keep repeating same mistakes. You don’t know this guy; he may be worse. Perhaps it would be wise to find out what is wrong w/ that relationship, & see if U can work it out first

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