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Sticking him in the boyfriend box

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Earlier today someone posted about being upset that he wasn't introduced as a girls "boyfriend" and they had been dating for awhile.


I had responded that I found the term boyfriend fairly sophmoric and I got blasted from all sides about it.


So, my question is this... why do people feel the need to stick the person they are dating in the "boyfriend" or "girlfriend" box? What is with the need to label and posess another person? ie MY boyfriend.

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i think the "blasting" was just because the OP was not posting about wanting a title, but because his girlfriend seemed to be hiding the fact that they were dating altogether. if a couple agrees that they don't want to label a relationship, that's fine, but the post was about a man and women who apparently already used the "labels."


it's not always a bragging right that people use titles like "girlfriend" or "boyfriend." i think that when two people really want to be with only each other, it's sweet to call them your boy/girlfriend or partner. it just makes people feel special, i.e. i'm THEIR girlfriend, i belong to him and no one else.


i don't know. regardless, the post in question really wasn't about the OP being upset over the fact that his girlfriend didn't give him a title. the title was already established, she just chose not to use it in front of one particular person.


shady stuff.

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Because they are announcing availability status as in, 'i'm taken'. I think the poster was upset because he saw it as she was putting herself forward as single and not in a relationship, and he wanted everyone to know they were together and she was not available. But it sounds like she wanted to be available with all her options open.

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