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Relapsing while on holidays

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Has this happened to anyone else?


Its been around 7 months since my most recent break up (of a two-and-a-half month relationship! Feels ridiculous that I'm not fully over it yet..) I was thinking and feeling that I'd pretty much got past it, and for quite some time wasn't really thinking about him at all. We've had no contact since last December, he is still (I think) with the girl he dated immediately after me (and may have "overlapped" with me, if you get my drift), I deleted him off facebook, was dating around a bit again, and felt I was moving on.


Then a few weeks ago, I go on holidays to Bali. Looking forward to a break from work, time to relax, and immerse myself in a new culture. What happens? I start picking over the memories again, getting all wound up, missing him, then hating him, blah blah blah...it was like I went through the whole break-up healing cycle all over again, but intensified and compressed! I guess it was a break in my routine and time to think that did it to me. But its annoying! It made my holiday less fun than it might have been, and I forked out a lot of cash for that air ticket! Its also made me wonder if i really am over it... I just don't get why I'm still thinking about this person, I'm sure he never thinks of me. Its not like I want him or the relationship back, its more that I am mulling over all the unanswered questions again.


Anyway, now that I am back from holidays, I seem to have stopped thinking about it again?! Go figure...

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I relapse all the time and I don't really want him back, just aspects of being in a relationship I miss, and according to a psychic I'm single until spring 2009, that's 4 years of being single. Won't be without my flirtations but still, gets lonely.


Sorry went off on a tangent. LOL

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