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could this mean something?


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I met a girl a while back, known her close to a year, and she had a bf at the time when i met her but i never had the intentions of hooking up with her. I wasn't even attracted to her, but i saw her on a regular basis cause we had mutual friends and we all hang out at the same coffee shop.


She ended up breaking up with her bf, and it was a rough break up, he was a real nut job and a bit of a stalker. So as more time passed and things ironed itself out, we became close and i started to like her a lot and developed feelings, and at the same time one of her friends was trying to hook up with a buddy of mine, so it was the four of us hanging out. Turns out that me and the girl got into a fight and things went sour and she ended up hooking up with some loser and i didnt talk to her for the past 2 months, i cut her out dry like she never existed, id see her around but wouldn't give her the time of day.


my buddy would keep me in the loop of what was going on between this girl and the other guy she got with and it was funny cause it was problems from the get go and she would tell my friend how she regrets giving me up and our friendship for this other guy.


2 weeks ago she trys to make contact with me, by txtn me on my phone which i never got, and she told my friend how she txt me but i ignored her, so my friend told me about it and i said i didnt get nothing from her and if she wants to talk, to talk face to face, so a couple days go by and we talked. she basically apologised for everything that happened.


i haven't been the same around her like i use to be, i've been very reserved and quiet around her, in the last week shes been trying to joke around with me, poke me, she's even hugged me a few times, called me, and txted me a few times as well as invite me to go to a movie with a bunch of ppl but i said no, and asked me to go for coffee tonight after she's done work if i wasn't busy, but i didn't give her an exact answer to it.


so all this has me confused, what is she trying to do here? is she interested? or just trying to be friends? im wondering if shes trying to do this to see if i still have an interest in her or maybe its just because we all hang out in the same area and my buddy and her friend ended up getting together so she doesnt want there to be awkwardness between everyone??


very confused....

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I think she’s obviously interested in you(she wouldn’t go trough all that trouble. She does all she can), but that is not important. What is important are U interested in her? Why are U acting cold? I wouldn’t blame U though if U didn’t want her(even though U might feel attracted). U know her flaws, & U probably decided that U don’t want to deal w/ that.

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i am still a little interested in her, and im acting cold cause i dont want to fall into something with her again than find out that shes not interested in me after all, thats my biggest fear, and i dont want to deal with any B.S. and theres a part of me that thinks she isnt interested... that she just wants to have that friendship... thats why im confused...

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She’s definitely interested, otherwise she wouldn’t go trough all of the trouble. Ok from what I read (U’r friends saying, hugs) are more than friends. Look in this society if woman is blunt, it considered an turn off to men, all woman can do is circumstances; men supposed be decider. But what if it’s friendship? Then U don’t want it? If that the case, U got nothing to lose—ask her what does she wants, & also tell what U want & what is unacceptable to U.

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