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So this thread is for a friend who's going through some rough stuff. I've got my own opinions on what's shes going through but an unbiased outsiders opinion would be heavily valued.


Here's the Issue:

Let's call my friend E. E is dating a very nice guy who's been a close friend for a long period of time. She's always been there for him (we'll call him John), even through his breakups with past girlfriends. Finally things worked out in there direction and they've been together for 3 months now.

My friend E used to date a guy named Robert. Robert and her have stayed friends despite trying several times to be more than friends, moving schools and heading off to different colleges.

E is attracted to John and does like him but she's also attracted to Robert. She doesn't want to hurt either of the friendships she has with either of the guys but is torn. Robert is clearly interested in her but I think maybe she's a little scared to leave John for Robert and then have Robert change his mind about the two of them.

To add to the mess, there ares several things about John that annoy her. John's parents are also not the nicest people. On the other hand, Robert's parents are great and love E to death and E's parents love Robert to death and think John isn't quite right for E.


It's a confusing situation but she does know that in the end one or more of the relationships may end up being hurt. She just thoroughly does not know what to do. She's open to any advice and any options what so ever.


Please Help!

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Wait is John a friend or they’re dating? If she dating John, why does she considering Robert? She should be committed to John. Specially that things didn’t work 3times w/ Robert, there’s good chance it won’t work again. If she hurts John like that, she won’t have him. So Robert most likely will leave her(probably interested in her because she w/ someone) & she will have no one. Also, she’s not dating their parents, & she don’t see many Robert’s faults because she’s is not dating him. If Robert makes things hard for her she should avoid that relationship, or quit.

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First of all John is her boyfriend. She's considering Robert because they spend alot of time together (3 or 4 times a week). He's very persistent about getting to hang out with her and maintaining a friendship even though she has a boyfriend.

It's a strange situation.

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