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How do I write this?


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So I've decided to give this one last shot *sigh* and email this guy again. My friend persuaded me that I don't have anything to lose (except my ego!!). Long story short, a friend introduced me to a guy who was passing through my city, he seemed very attracted to me, created opportunities for us to be alone, we ended up making out that night. Next day after he leaves, I email him my number. He says he'd call soon, asks how I am - and basically vanishes. We're still connected over myspace so I know that he's been logging in. I don't think he's un-attracted to me, but it's a case of out of sight, out of mind. He also seems fairly non-committal and very independent minded so he wouldn't fall for ego-flattering.


What sort of email should I send to try and get him interested again and call me? I want to make it brief but I don't know what sort of tone I should go for to capture his interest in a few lines. Should it be sincere, where I say I've been thinking of him and hope he can call because it would be nice to hear his voice? Or should it be flirtatious and playful?


Guys, what kind of message from a girl would you respond to and call her about? If you'd only met her twice, was physically attracted to her, but possibly a bit doubtful about wanting to follow up.


ps: for those who read my last thread, no he does not have a wife/gf back home. He did break up with a serious gf a few months ago so might not be ready for anything serious yet.

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Mark, yes I thought about that too. My personal inclination is to give him the benefit of the doubt because I blew him off the first time we met, yet he still remained attracted to me. I also asked him outright the second time "Do you really like me or are you just out to get laid?" He skirted around that one very very well I have to say, which is why we did end up making out but he definitely got the message I wasn't easy or planning to put out.


My gut feel is that he was attracted, undeniably looking for a bit of fun, but also was genuinely intrigued by me despite knowing I wasn't going to be a booty call. However because I was a bit reserved with him (didn't know that I really was attracted to him then), he was also a little bit put off or lost some of the interest, hence the not calling me now.


If he wanted to blow me off, why still add me to his myspace when he didn't have to?

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Hi again Pink


Well, if you want to contact him then I agree with Unsuretexan - just be up front and be yourself. Why not email him and just say hi and that it'd be great to catch up sometime soon. Then you can judge his interest by his reply and take it from there.



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The bolded piece... He said he'd contact you and hasn't. Not sure if he has his phone number but he could simply email you through myspace. Why chase him?


If you must, send him a "hello - thinking bout ya - had a good time - hope all is well" message or something.

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Well here's the update. I bit the bullet and emailed again...I know, I know. I sent a link to something we both found interesting and said it made me think of him, and we should talk some time. He emailed back extremely fast, asked for my personal IM details and gave me his. I added him, and the next night when I saw him online I sent him a chat message. He seemed happy to hear from me and tried to keep up his end of the conversation. It was a little bumpy like most first time chats are but I think he made an effort. He was working on something with a deadline so couldn't keep chatting, but asked me to stay in touch AND said we should talk in person. Anyway I ended the conversation first to let him get back to his work and he ended off "good to hear from you".


I know it doesn't mean anything and could just be politeness but it still felt quite positive. I'll see how it goes and will wait a couple of days before chatting to him again...hopefully he'll initiate first.


lady00: He has already left, but there's a very small chance he might come back within the next few weeks.

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im definitley an honest and up front person. I dont like when a women beats around the bush. I like when they have the balls to come out and tell me how they feel and whats on thier mind. I will return the favor back if they do that for me.


How far away does he live? IMO long distant relationships never work out.

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