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Been living with my SO for several years now. During this time, i have always tried to fondle her, grab her behind, ask her to flash me etc... I love her and she has a great body. Now it seems like she would rather not have me do those things (Rolling eyes,not flashing etc..) so about a month ago i quit doing those things. Now just yesterday she's mad at me saying I am not into her much anymore???? Is this just damned if you do, damned if you don't? Not sure what to do here.

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Hmm, she may miss the attention. Quite a few woman I know including myself love it when our SO touches us anywhere body wise throughout the day. I guess its just one of those things that make you feel good and wanted, you know? Thats how I feel anyways. And I flash my guy just because I feel like it lol


Yeah this rolling eyes sounds like mixed signals. I cannot tell if she is rolling them in a serious fashion as if to say "stop that" or just playful fun. I would assume by her not flashing you that its a serious thing where she wants you to stop. Although deep down I bet she loves the attention from time to time... Maybe she doesn't flash you because shes not comfortable doing it, or doesn't like doing it?


The only logical thing I can really suggest is just to talk to her about it. It appears obvious that she must like it a little to now be mad. Did you do anything else different though that could lead her to think you are not into her anymore?


But yeah I would say to talk about, let her know you love her and her body that should be a good enough reason as to why you do it. If you feel she is sending mixed signals or you figure she does not like it then ask her. Ask her why she feels you are not into her much anymore incase its a different issue.


I can't see this causing a fight or anything, its just simple questions, you know? And maybe after talking she will open up more. Be prepard though because it could lead to a fight Never know


Oh one more question... When you grab/fondle her is it during a time when she is acctually busy or anything? Like doing housework/preparing food/or some other activity that may be busyish. If so then it could just be an annoyance to her if she is trying to get stuff done.


Hopefully that helps you out some.

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I have touched her anytime during the day. If shes busy with something then its just quick touch. I guess i am just confused on when to touch or not. It would be totally weird to ask... can i... To me it was simple fun, i used to ask her if she was cold, she would flash me and ask me if she was cold or not...kind of our inside joke. But i have not ask that in over a month either cause i am not sure of the response.

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Maybe she means she doesn't feel that you are into her in other ways, and this affects her ability to be playful. When I am feeling loved, I respond to the stuff you are describing. When I am feeling taken for granted, I find that stuff a turn-off. Perhaps she feels you are more into her body than you are into her.

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make it romantic and less raunchy? i know i get annoyed with my bf when he's all about sex with no romance. it makes me feel like a booty call. mix in romance and it should keep your lady happy.


^ She is right. I learnt it hard way.


try this method, it should work as most of the girls like romance.

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