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Responding to girl's "flirting"


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I've already talked about this before but, I have a friend at work who I think is flirting with me. She teases me all the time and I pretend to be mean to her. We go back and forth, but she seems to put way more effort into than I do, sometimes going out of her way. Every time she comes up to me and some other co workers she talks to, I kind of make a scrowling look, but I'm just messing with her.


Well recently she had helped me find this new place that opened up and upon thanking her, she told me that she was just being a good friend because I wasn't a good friend. I wasn't sure (and actually still not sure if she was serious or not, so I asked her what I could do to be a better friend, she told me she'd think about that. So she came to me and asked me to get her some water. I gave her some and she told me that she feels like we were connecting better already, and she told me that I shouldn't scrowl up my face every time she comes to see me. I told her I wasn't serious about that and the rest of the day she was being really happy and waving to me every time she saw me.


I'm really not sure what the deal is, but I thought about it, and I wouldn't mind hanging out with her sometime, so I'm planning on giving her my cell number and screen name next week when I see her, sense she seems so eager for us to become closer "friends". I'm assuming this is how she wants me to repsond to all of this. I mean, she jokes around a lot, but things were kind of getting a little personal, so that's why I was curious as to whether this was her being flirty or just having fun. Regardless, I'm still gonna try and hang out with her. I just wanted some outside opinion on this whole scenario. Thanks!

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