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Dating Single Mother, need advice.

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My question is:


Taking it slowly is the perfect thing to do, but how slowly?


We now call each other often enough, conversations goes very well.

I asked her to come to my place for New Years but her and her daughter caught a nasty cold and she had to cancel. I told her time is on our side, just take care of yourself and your daughter and we'll make new plans when you both are feeling better. She has not introduced me to her daughter yet, but I see this happening sooner then later.


Are there any woman out there that can help me out?

Or any guys in this situation?


What steps should I take? Whats too fast and whats not?


Any advice from anyone would be appreciated.


Thank you and have a Happy New Year!

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what ever you do, do not push things. My best female friend is in a similar situation. He has pushed her to the point that she's over him. You need to know that things can get out of hand quickly, but you must let her control the situation. When there are children involved, Women tend to be very protective of their home life. So let control things. My friend said that it takes six months or longer to feel safe about their children. So take you time and let her control the situation.

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It really depends more on the person than age and children etc. as to who quickly to move, although in this case, I'd say erring on the side of caution is the way to go. You seem to be doing fine. Keep it low key, and continue to show your concern and support for her family.


If you would like to meet her daughter (not sure what age) then consider inviting her somewhere with her daughter, like a movie, or a museum, or somewhere similar the would interest her daughter. Make it into an outing rather than a date. You'll build an emotional bond with the woman just as fast that was as if it were a dinner date with just her.


I know with my friend, taking her and her kids out for the day seeing the sights did far more moving things along than dinner did. It's also a very non-threatening situation too. And by far the nicest thing that can ever happen in that situation is somebody assumes you're already a family. That will have a huge impact on her were it to happen.

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I'm a single parent and I can teel you to just be kind and patient. She will let you meet her daughter in due time. When she does don't over do it! I have been with men that once they meet my son it is a if they have to make friends immediately. Respect for her an and her time line will most benefit you. Women with children take things in a relationship a little more serious than others only because they want to protect themselves.But if you ride it out you will see that she will become closer to you everyday you give her time.Hope this helps if you want to you can PM me anytime.

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