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Messed up dating - total mixed signals, what does he want?


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I have recently been getting with a guy I got with briefly about a year ago. At first he seemed keen but then sometimes I think he doesn't seem to be so I am really confused. Last week (he works at a club that's how i know him) when his bar closed i text him to ask if he was around and he replied "no sorry on the bus home didn't give any thought to sticking around". which made me think hmmm....


Then I saw him Tuesday night. He was pretty much dancing next to me the entire time and seemed interested but I couldn't get with him because i was only with one friend and couldn't leave them. then a mutual friend of both mine and his started hitting on me really badly and i didn't know what to do (i don't handle these situations very well) so i did nothing and just let him put his hands on my waist like, he danced behind me and i wouldn't let him put his head or lips anywhere near me i just did my best to keep it friendly... i didn't want to be rude to him cos this guy was supposed to be my friend too! Then i felt really bad so i later kissed the guy i like and then pulled away when the guy who was hitting on me returned. i don't know why i did that i just felt really uncomfortable by the entire situation. Anyway after that the guy just left without saying bye or anything. Then i saw him last night and he was SO rude to me! He ignored me and gave me full price drinks (he usually gives me them free or cheap). I later saw him and asked him what i had done and he said it was about tuesday and he was annoyed. Anyway we made up then and i apologised.


The thing i don't understand i've been back for a month now and we haven't met up properly once we just bump into each other. i plucked up the courage to ask if he would like to go on a date with me last week and he said "nice idea i'll let you know when i'm free".


i just don't understand like he's really rude to me sometimes - says really mean things, and other times seems thrilled to see me, is stuck to me and always feel like he's watching me. He also gets ridiculously jealous like if i'm with a girl he'll give us both free drinks but if i go to the bar with a male friend i'm charged for them. And he used to be really vile to me if I ever got with anyone else before I started getting with him again.


ARGH THIS IS DOING MY HEAD IN... so sorry for long post!!!!

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just imagine you somehow end up dating him finally.

what kind of boyfriend would this guy be?

he's already jealous and mean, and very shady.


no offense but if he wanted to hang out with you outside of the bar, he would have either asked first, or gave you a more definite answer than just "yeah i'll let you know."


this guy is really not worth the extra thought, he sounds like a jerk.

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