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dont touch her??


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Well I will be honestly I was drinking...and the guy i like and his best friend finally come home like 1:30 am well i was little out of it bc i was drinking..well i on the couch with chris, dan and me dan took my spot next to chris so i had to sit with dan but chris was the couch still when i needed to get up while chris and i do like each other...well chris's sister was helping me up but i fell back on the couch next time i try Dan chris best friend was putting his hand up to my back or soemthing near that trying to help me up but laura gave him look then chris did gave him look too and back off?? when chris did that look what did that meant dont touch her dan i like her or what

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wait. I'm slighty confused but i'll try my best to figure out who chris and dan are and what they wanted...let me read it over about 10 more times.


Ok i think i have thsi figured out....


the couch---> [ O o O ]


OK your the Purple Circle, Dan is the RED, and Chris is BLUE


So You were sitting in between, both of them...or whatever and you tried to get up and DAN was helping you get up (b/c) you were drunk. and Chris got mad and gave DAN a dirty look, implying Don't touch her.


Is that Correct...?

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You're probably right. Maybe Laura likes Dan, and Chris likes you. Otherwise the looks might not have been exchanged. Make sure you remember it correctly though. If you were having that much difficulty getting up, any chance you were misinterpreting the looks? Anyway, assuming you weren't wrong about the looks, maybe you could see if Chris is interested in you by talking to him at some point.

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I am sorry i will reexplain.....Chris and I like each other Dan is just Chris best friend and Laura is chris's brother and is engage to rob not dan...


Here is how we were sitting D=DAN M=me C=Chris


CDM I wasnt sitting by chris now do u understand i sure help so...

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ok i get what your saying.

from what i read it seems that as soon as dan touched you it was a reflex that the sister (forgot name if there was one) and chris basically are trying to get him away or off of you, as said when you put ''dont touch her', and as a best friend im guessing he took that as a step back please i like this girl.


do you get me?


so as an answer it seems from what youve put that chris does like you, and that even though dan was trying to help you up and being caring he took that as a 'stepping on his territory' and got jelous.

so yep go for it!



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yeah i know what your saying cid, i hate it when i see that too.

and from what the scenario was in this, chris couldnt have helped her up because dan was sat next to her and thereforeeee just a kind gesture.


but still why do people bother being like that, as said it could be a reflex, but i still hate the way people take things so deep when really its on the surface and simple. i guess helping people isnt that easy now. huh?



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This is one of the most painfully confusing posts I've read here in a while ](*,), but it had me laughing like crazy. It's almost like a "who's on first" kind of thing. Very confusing; I had to reread like 5 times just to follow......


It could be that Chris (the guy you like, I think) was probably jealous of the fact that Dan was touching you, so I guess that means that Chris likes your, OR maybe he was touching you the wrong way or something. Well, you were so maybe Chris thought that Dan was taking advantage of you, I think......................

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