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problem letting girlfriend be herself, help

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my girlfriend and i have been going out for 11 mounths and lately i have been getting mad at her when she wants to do something. like for the new years she wanted to go to her friends and i got mad at her, i dont know y i do this it just happens. i think if i do not stop then i might lose someone i love with all my heart. could someone please help me control my anger, or just something i could do to i guess let her go a little bit.

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you say that you do not know why. Well, I don't know why, but you do and it may only be subconsciously but you know. Are there other issues that you aren't stating here? Is there stress in your life? How's your self esteem? What is bothering you? Is it her or do you just want to keep her to yourself? You need to dig into your soul and find out what is bothering you. There is something there and you need to dig to find it. If you are getting mad for no reason then you have issues that you need to see a professional about. Look, my female friends would not pput up with this behavior for long so be careful. If you cannot find it out by yourself then you might want to see a professional to help you locaate this problem!

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Like neallo said there is probly something in you supconscious. Keep in your mind that she has friends and she want to hang out with them too. When she hang out with her friends you should hang out with you friends too. Give you guys some time apart.

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