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i was left hanging... or so i think


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before anything else, it feels great to be back here! (i haven't logged on for about 3 years, i must have missed out on a lot of good reads...)


here's what i've been dying to share:

august of 2007, my relationship with a very special guy had to end...

why or how did it end?


same reason why and how it all started - blame it on the ever so-reliable text messaging technology.


we fell in love; we tried to avoid it, but all the efforts were futile.

at that time, i was exclusively dating another guy. it came to the point when i had to choose between them.


I wasn't able to choose. i was so confused with my feelings then.


he walked away. it was inevitable for him to give way for the other guy. after some time, i realized that i really wanted to be with him.


i chased him. he said he still loved me. for a certain period, we had a mutual understanding. we tried to make it work once more. then one day, he told me that maybe it would be better if we'll be just friends for the mean time... 'coz according to him, the harder we try, the more we're drifting apart.


so now, we're friends. just friends... we still text each other occasionally. When he talks, he somehow makes me feel that there's still hope for us...


thus i can't move on...



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You can't move forward because your heart is still with him.


You can't be friends with him and move forward. I know this is not what you want to hear, but, unfortunately, it's what's going on.


You have to let one door COMPLETELY close before another one will open.


Maybe, in TIME you can be friends, but not now.


I am sorry - I am dealing with the same type of situation with my exhusband, so I know how painful it is. Trying to remain friends with him is keeping me "stuck".





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The more and more I read posts here the more I recognise the beauty in NC.


Like you I would love to be friends with my ex-partner. But it will keep you hanging on.


Be a good friend to yourself and not make contact for a while. Take a break. And next time you catch up make sure its in a social setting with other friends around you.

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i wish that it's as simple as that...you see we belong to the same exclusive organization way back college (consider a fraternity/sorority). so he's not just my ex or my friend but also my 'brod'... we're bound for a lifetime.


it's been a while since we last talked (i think we've had no communication for more than 10 days now... i'm not despairing though. im living my life, having my career as my priority, and so is he. it's been a year and i can say that i'v completely accepted the failed relationship. i've already recovered from what happened. but it doesn't mean that my feelings have changed.


even though a year has passed, im still in-love with him and if there's any way that we can get back together, im willing to give it a try. maybe a year of separation is enough for us to rethink, rediscover ourselves, and reinvent our lives for the better. maybe now that there are no more complications and we've already settled our personal issues, we can start anew.im willing to make the first move, but how? i dunno how to start...


can somebody help? thanks!

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