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French Kissing Tips


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alright...so here's what i generally do...at first, to make sure that they know what i'm gunna do (stick my tongue in their mouth..duh...lol)...i give em a kiss..and then sort of give them another..but with my mouth open a little..then i just sort of progress it a little...then give a little bit of tongue...and so on and so forth...2 things that i hate....a stiff tongue and too much tongue...when i'm kissing someone i don't want to be choking on their tongue..and i don't want it to be all stiff and awkward either....keep it light and keep it fun...if you're good at picking up on body language, you can usually tell what they like (it's what they keep doing..or keep trying to do)...just kiss them the way they kiss you and you should be good to go

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I love to kiss the one i love.....holding his face in my hands, looking into his eyes....exploring tongues....there are no rules. just go with what feels right. kissing to me is as or more sensual than sex.


I whole heartedly agree with this statement Jaded. Kissing is the best, my favourite thing to do, ever.

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I remember when I was a kid and learning how to kiss. Honestly I learned more when I read a girlfriends diary. (I know dont chastise me to much). It was over 25 years ago...




I was seriously niave and didnt realize that you must be gentle and soft. Use your tongue in a caressing manner. Explore lightly, gently and intimately. Your tongue can keep a connection with the other. Lightly explore their lips. The inside of the mouth. Open and close regularly (dont let her mouth get tired).


Anyways.. will always remember the day I found out I was a bad kisser. But turning into a positive, I learned so much since. Just remember everyone is different in what they enjoy and dont enjoy. If you are not sure how you are doing, be open and ask. Communicating these things will help. (just dont read her diary, its rude )

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1) When you lean in don't just stick your tongue in their mouth immediately. Have a few open mouth kisses and then slowly touch the tip of your tongue against theirs. It'll avoid embarrassment if they're not wanting to do it as you'll know be licking their lips slightly. May not even feel it!


2) When it comes to breathing, make sure that you don't breath through your mouth. Especially if your breath isn't minty fresh, but even if it is, keep it to the nose, because it's not very refreshing when someone else breaths inside of your mouth. It's actually quite off-putting.


3) Keep it small. There is a point where too much tongue can really get nasty! I've almost gagged before from too much tongue, it was horrible! Tip of the tongues touching makes me go all tingly inside and it feels so nice!


4) Don't do anything too different to what they're doing. Of course, mirroring them completely can get boring for them and for you! But don't do anything too different, or it could turn out embarrassingly nasty.

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