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She says I'm so hairy...

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Ive been with my gf for about a year and a month. And she never complains a lot at the fact that I'm kinda hairy. But I try to explain to her IM A GUY! I know its surprising but guys do get hairy. And she tells me how her friends think I'm hairy so she tells me that I should shave my body. I'm thinking are you serious? She wants me to shave my hair because her friends think I'm too hairy. And not only her friends her family too, who claim to like me.


I shave my face regularly. I cut my hair short. My arms are ok. I shave my chest clean. I shave my lower back on in a while. And once in a while shave my groin area. She thinks my legs and my lower back are too hairy. And I say no my legs are normal just like everyone in my family. Ive tried shaving my armpits once, and it itched so bad I couldnt do it again. I seldom shave my groin, I trim it, but that also itches to high heaven. I cant even imagine the pain and itching it get from shaving my butt and legs, cant imagine.


When I tell her shes being selfish for making me do things because her friends make her feel insecure about me. And she gets an attitude saying "You dont understand how I feel" And I tell her YES I DO! Your friends are pressuring you into making you think about my body that way because they dont like it.


I gave in once by shaving my groin so it would be easier for her to do oral and my lower back.


What am I supposed to do??? If I go against her she'll give me a damn attitude. If I give in and shave my body, im sacrificing A) a lot of time wasted in doing so, B) a lot of pain caused by freshly shaved hair, C) being really cold all the time!, D) I cant even reach every place. WHAT DO I TELL HER!!

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I think she's trying to change you into something you cannot be. If this really bothers you in the relationship, maybe you should find someone who appreciates your body for what it is because most people shouldn't get too offended by a lot of body hair. And if she really loves you she'll love every hair on your body anyway.

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You shave your chest and she's still not satisfied? How much more of your manhood does she want?! She should be happy with who you are or she can move on - when a girl complains about something as superficial as this, it can often signal her discontent with something much deeper - be careful and aware.

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I have a buddy that is really hairy. He's like freaking bigfoot. haha. He has hair everywhere you can grow hair, and it's thick. Yet, his fiance is very content with him and wouldn't want him any other way, because that's who she loves. If I have to shave my body for a woman to love me, than I'd be wondering about how real that love really is.

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Tell her if she wants a hairless body then perhaps she should start dating a woman. I would not continue to shave all your body parts for her. She is the one being selfish. I can understand shaving your face but your chest too, your legs etc. Really...let her go date a woman if she wants hairless.

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Your girlfriend doesn't sound very understanding herself. And you probably aren't that hairy anyway. I had a really hairy boyfriend and I LOVED it. Very manly.


You could always make some ridiculous request of her:


"So girlfriend, I've been thinking about this alot, but it's starting to make me very uncomfortable with how brown your bum-hole is. My friend are starting to talk too. I think it would be in both of our best interests that you go get anal bleaching."


Yeah, maybe then she'd realize how silly she is being.


So if you being moderately hairy is a huge problem for her, find a new girlfriend.

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. She thinks my legs and my lower back are too hairy.

wait, why are her friends seeing those areas anyway?


no but seriously, come on. my boyfriend is a hairy beast and i love him anyway (of course!) and i would never tell him to do anything different, it's his body. if he told me my hair was too long and to cut it because everyone says i'd look better with short hair, i'd just answer flat out no and not even give him a chance to elaborate.


seriously, how do girls get all pissy when their boyfriends ask them to wear a skirt that's not showing their butt cheeks, then ask their boyfriends to go and shave themselves because they're too hairy?

(not that i think the former is acceptable either, it's not.)


tell her that it's your body, not hers, and especially not her friends. seriously, wow, who gives what her friends think?


i think it's kind of sexy, actually. it makes me feel like my boyfriend is a real manly man

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I can understand shaving your face.


that is the ONLY thing i could agree with, and not because of the way it looks, but because it really hurts my face when a guy is kissing me with stubble


but if that's how my boyfriend thought he looked good, and was adamant about it, then whatever floats his boat and i'd just suck it up.

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These kind of posts are unbelievable! Man.. your gf has a lousy bunch of friends, imho.

Where do they get off, giving her flack cuz her bf has body hair?? Are they lesbians?


Honestly, I do NOT think you should have to shave your chest hair. I'm with crazyaboutdogs.. I think a guy with a hairy chest is SEXY, not offensive to me and my friends.

And what is this stupid style now, we gotta get rid of all our body hair, or we are not acceptable to the opp. sex? It's so stupid...

Isn't there enough fakeness in the world, that men cannot sport their own body hair now?

I think it's a turn-on myself, guys who have a hairy chest. My last bf had a full chest of hair, and gosh, I thought that was so manly and sexy. I really don't think I would of liked him as much if he didn't have as much hair. His lower arms were hairy.. he had a nice full sideburns... I actually thought his legs could of been hairier, cuz for some reason he didn't have much hair on his legs.

Gosh, unless you live near the equator and the hair is making her sweat when you sleep together, I don't see why she wouldn't like hairy legs either.

You know, guys are guys.

I was looking at some men's magazine and this guy had really nice pecs. I looked closer and I could tell his chest hair had all been shaved off. Gosh.. it looked WEIRD to me, and I can just imagine how uncomfortable it would be to have stubble rubbing up against your own chest.

Seriously, your gf has issues if she's insisting you do this. I say, stop shaving all your body parts but your face.

If she doesn't like it, she could always date an oriental guy. They hardly have any body hair at all, but to me, I don't really find that attractive. I like a guy who's got body hair.. it's what guys guys!

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Yea this all makes perfect sense. Only she didnt make me shave my chest, I did that on my own because it just looks better. But yea, I've tried saying things like "who cares what your friends think". She feels embarrassed because they say things and even her parents do. It's so sick. Although I really could care less what anyone else thinks, my gf's mind has been warped by all the third party comments.

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