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Recognization of love?

Burst of Aura

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Happiness when you're with her. How does she make you feel when she's around? Do you miss her when she's not? You need to determine if it's love or infatuation. This is going to sound stupid but go google "love quiz" and find a lil quiz on it and answer them truthfully. I know they aren't accurate at all...but the questions that are asked is what makes you think clearer.

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At your age, you'll have a lot of times when you'll say "I love you" to various girls.

My cousin is the same age as you and all she says is "I love you"!

I had two previous boyfriends before I found the man that would become my husband.

I was 13 with the first one, and 15 with the next, and even though I dated the second one for a year, I never had sexual contact with him nor did I ever say I loved him.

I certainly THOUGHT I did, but hormones, y'know.

They mess up your whole line of thinking.

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