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what I should or shouldn't do??

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I like this girl and she knows it but just wants to be friends because she's away at college and doesn't want to start anything which I understand with the whole pains of college work and everything else. anyway I still talk to her once or twice per week online. that i'm only a friend here for now it's like I have to watch what I say that won't overdo it ya know? that I miss her so much I wish I could tell her whats on my mind. so what are some things I could say that's not pushing it here?

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well, she already knows that you like her, so i don't think it would be pushing it to tell her that you miss her. just say what you feel. if you miss her, let her know. friends tell friends all the time that they missed them if they were away. i think you should just be open with her & you know her better than we all do, so just use your own judgement on what is ok to say to her without pushing it.

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