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So does she like me or what? I wish i knew!


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I met a girl online back in November. We soon found out that we were so alike that we eventually met. We have hung out a couple of times and stuff alone. We would meet at her friend's apartment and been left alone. (i dunno if it was a sign she wanted to do soemthing or what!) Anyway we have met there a few times.


Anyway i told her that i really cared for her and like her. She kind of put up a wall and said that she "didn't wanna talk about things like that right now"...I then said "will we ever get together...i have to know?" and she said "i don't really know right now...i can't predict the future!"


Anyway we left things "as is" and have just "been friends" for now.


Aparently when we met she was stilll going with another guy (i dunno why we even started hanging out then!) but anyway, this guy left her just after Christmas.


So now she seems to talk to me more about things. I've commented on her hair before, and how i liked it. And now i find she keeps bringing up the topic of her hair and how she might dye it another color (knowing that i wouldn't like it) So then i start saying "oh don't change it it's nice now!"...She mentions her hair a lot...Also she is always asking me what clothes she should wear all the time. We have even talked about what kind of sheets are on her bed and how she said "i'm hard to sleep with because i keep steeling the sheets!"...Why does she say these things?


We have talked about each of us having kids and properly raising them (not meant towards us...at least i don't think it was!)


But Anytime i begin to talk about "Us" she says she "doesn't wanna talk about it right now" or she's "not in the mood."


I find myself having to set up times for us to meet because she never offers to! she always says "if you keep asking i will just keep it off longer and longer!"


Anyway, All her friends know about me (and i have met them a few times) and they tell me that she talks about me a lot! (which i think is a good sign)


Before she met me she said she was hardly ever online, maybe just to check emails but that's it...But we talk to each other every night sometimes for up to 5 hrs!!.


When we meet at her friend's apartment she always looks right at me and she keeps coming her hair with her fingers...plus she lays down "relaxed" on the couch beside me or the chair accross from me. I know these are signs!...I also hug her everytime i see her and when i leave. (she allows me to give her a big hug)


I told her once that i almost kissed her and asked if she would have let me. she said "i would have probably pushed you away"


I dunno what to do here...I get the signs she likes me but when i act on them she acts like she's not interested


I also find she talks to me a lot about guys like "oh we met these guys at the bar last night and hung out"...This kills me when she says stuff like that!..Is she doing this just to get my reaction?


Is there hope here?...How do i go about making this work?...I absolutly love her!


My friends are all confused!!!...They can't tell me anything!!...Is this a normal way for girls to act?...Is this what they call "hard to get"?




I am planning on asking her out again....




I would especially like a girl's opinion on this... please!!!



Please feel free to ask me questions too!!



P.S. Sorry About the long, long post! I just had to explain it all!

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Forget about this girl. I think she is just toying with you. She likes the fact that you like her, because it makes her feel special, but she isn't willing to give you a relationship. So, basically, what she's going to do is play with you, so that she can continue to have self-confidence boosts, but without any sort of commitment towards you. It sounds to me, and I hope I'm not offending you, that she's full of herself.

You sound like a really nice guy, and trust me, there are a lot of nice girls out there who won't dangle you on a string just to get what they want. My advice is, forget about this girl, because she isn't worth your time. If you really really like her, remain friends with her, but stop showing such an interest in her. I'm curious to know what she would do then, without your affection.

I could be wrong, but I really think you should forget about her.

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Hey mate,


I'm stuck in a same kinda position with a girl as well, that your in.

Except she has a boyfriend and toys around too. But except we got a bigger bond.


I'm tellin ya now dude, forget about her. I know it's going to be hard, i swera it's going to be hard. I'm in the same position that your in, but you haven't got the Big Bond working yet, once you get that working, it will be really hard to let go, as your mind has the courage to do it, but your heart won't.


So let go now, while you can.


Best of luck mate.

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It looks like this woman confuses you a whole lot. I am not saying that you have to let go right away, as the other postings say, but I strongly recommend you to sit down.


Sit down and start to think what you really expect out of a relation or out of a friendship with her. Communicate that to her along with the way you feel about her. Get her reaction and if that reaction does not satisfy you enough, because it makes you feel confused or bad, then I would suggest that you go your separate ways indeed. Don't forget that YOU have to be happy and it looks like right now this young woman is just confusing you.


On a personal note (this is just MY opinion): based on what you have written in this posting, I think I would have let go. She would confuse me too much. But I would talk to her first.


I hope this helped you in giving you a sound decision. Good luck!


~ SwingFox ~

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