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a game, or for real?


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Sorry if all my topics the past week or so have the same theme to them. But see things just keep getting added on to my problem. Saturday when I talked to my crush ( who knows i like him more than a friend ), he told me he was lonely. He was complaining about having a hard life and no one there with him to mae it easier and morre pleasant. Then he said he had to go but we would talk later. So we talked again. And AGAIN he told me how he was lonely. He said not to be jealous of him because its not fun being lonely all the time ( i said i was jealous of what he was doing that night ). Then i said how i missed things my ex used to do, and he said he wished someone missed him. We flirted alot...well what i take as flirting online lol. Then we jsut talked about New years parties and things like that.


O also...u kno how u can get buddy icons on AIM? well i found one that said i love *Rob. So i told him that i found one that said his name. And he said can u get it? let me see it. So i got it and he made a smiley face and laughed. Then I said ....it doesnt work because the girl in the icon has blonde hair not red ( i have red hair ). I could see that he was typing a message but he never sent it. He jsut kept writing and re writing things, like he didnt kno wut to say. SO i changed the subject.


And randomly he asked if i liked porn. I told him i never watch porn, and he jsut said that was interesting. And my friends were made at me that night, and he said forget them their not worth it and stuff like that ( not in theose words tho lol ).


IS he trying to send me signals by saying hes lonely? ( He seems to want me to feel bad for him, which i do with some of his stories about his life. ) Or is he just playing a game with me. Like I said he KNOWS i liked him before, and probly knows i still do.

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Im telling you this because i dont want you to be hurt, i could be wrong and i honestly hope that i am wrong, but i think he is not interested in you in the way you are interested in him. it sounds to me as if he just wants a really close friend, maybe a little affection. I no that in the past i have said stuff like what he has said( about being lonely, stuff like that), but trust me, i think that if he was interested he would have said something after you little smiley conversation, maybe he is just not a very witty/confident guy and that is why he couldnt find the right words to say he liked you, but it sounded more likely he was tryin to find the owrds to tell you that he cared about you as a friend but didnt no if a relationship was a good idea. But like i said, i could b wrong.

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