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I was in a 9 month relationship that ended a month ago. She broke up with me, telling me that she didn't want to be in a serious relationship. Once we broke up she refused to talk or see me. She became friends with a good friend of mine that's been around for a long time. They now hang out all the time. It's never just the two of them, but it still bothers me, because I still have feelings for this girl and was devastated by the breakup. I called my friend last night to tell him that I was having issues with them spending time together.


He told me that she has tried to kiss him when they were drunk but he wouldn't let her because we are friends. I had a long talk with him and now they aren't going to spend as much time together, but I feel that they shouldn't spend anytime at all together......is that fair? We have been good friends for years and he knows it messes me up knowing that they spend time together, I tried calling my ex and I left a message saying that I lost respect for what she has done and that she shouldn't try to get with my friend. Of course she wouldn't talk to me, so I left a text saying that we really should talk. She then texted me, which was a complete surprise, she said that she isn't my girlfriend and for me to stop trying to contact her...What does this mean? Why can't she talk to me? What should I do about my friend? Any help would be Greatly appreciated...

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well, I say kudos to your friend for respecting you and saying no to this girl.


What your ex does is her own business. I'd tell your friend that you really appreciate how mature and sensitive he is being about this. He will probably not date her after you tell him how great him not dating her makes you feel.


Your ex will end up falling on her face when your friend denies her. She seems pretty mean for not talking to you at all, imo. I'd just not mind her and not contact her again.

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gonzo, consider yourself lucky to have a friend like that... my ex of 8 years is seeing my ex-best friend of 20 years (since high school). Sucks. It's hard. We broke up April 18th. I had suspected something was going on between the two of them, but then after a very emotional 4th of July, I made the mistake of driving by my old house at 2:30 am, and guess who's truck was parked right next to hers... that's right, you guessed it... the ex-best friend's.


Luckily, I didn't react, I just kept driving.


I can honestly say that I wish my so-called friend was more like yours.


*** today is 3 weeks NO CONTACT ***

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What do you think the reasons are that she refuses to talk to me at all? And should I try to make my friend not spend time with her.....cause he is constantly in a position where he's being tempted..


she refuses to talk to you because she is immature and probably feeling guilty. Besides, do you really care what she has to say at this point?


No, let your friend do what he wants and keep patting him on the back for respecting you. He didn't give in when he had an AMAZING opportunity, he probably has written her off almost all together.

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