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this is for my friend. Any way she likes this guy named pete and she is goin out with him for a night. any way this girl told her that another guy named max likes her and is going to ask her out.but she likes pete but likes max more and she emailed me to ask me what to do and i don't know what to do. so i was hoping people could help us here thanx

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i think that she shouldn't assume that max is going to ask her out just because some girl told her that he is. that girl might know that your friend likes max, so maybe she just told her that. like maybe she likes pete & is jealous so she doesn't want her to go out with pete. does that even make sense?? i think that she should just go out with pete for a night, it doesn't make them bf & gf if they just go to hang out. if max ends up asking her out, then she could try going out with him for a night. she can find out then who she likes better. but if she thinks that max will ask her out, then she shouldn't lead any of them on until she finds out who she actually wants to be with.

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i think you should tell her that she needs to figure out whiuch guy it is that she likes because it isnt just her feelings she needs to think about but theres also.

to me it seems that she must obviously have some feelings for pete because she went out with him for the night, but she cant just have him there until something better comes along (which she sees as max)


you need to ensure that she doesnt play pete along until this max asks her out (as rightly said in the above though that it might be a joke on her because this girl knows that she likes max more than pete).


are you still with me lol?


still dont let her be a player.


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