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I went out tonight with my brother and cousin, since she came to visit and she's leaving soon so this was the last day she could go out..

i had been feeling pretty down the whole day... missing the ex..i'm on day 6 of NC

so we to go the club, everything is going ok, i'm trying to keep happy since she's there to have fun and i dont want to be the party pooper..

then we go to sit down and the bartender of the place comes up to me and hands me a drink and tells me "im the cutest girl there ", and that his number is ont he napkin..

after this i dont know how to take it and smile..

then i go to the bathroom and i start to cry!!!

my cousin was with me and she hugged me and things..

i hadn\t cried in front of anyone since i broke up with my ex.. i usually tried to do it hiding since i didn't feel comfortable..

so the fact that i had drunk maybe one beer i guess was enough to let me "let it all out" ( i'm not a drinker, it makes me dizzy..)

i was so depressed after because this guy reminded me of my ex for some reason....and we left soon after..

so yeah i'm still feeling pretty depressed... i guess i could say this is the worst of the days of the "NC challenge" alskjfaldkjf


some words of encouragement would be good now...

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I cried (after the brief smile), when someone showed an interest in me too. I think it's reminding of us of the attention we enjoy, but yearn for it to come from our exes instead.


I'm sorry you've had a bad day, hopefully today will improve for you. Take each day as it comes.

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