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Okay so basically the other day i went to the doctor she has said that she may send me to a dietitian.


My question, what exactly does a dietitian do? Like obviously review your diet and stuff. But i know that doctors can give you healthy meal plans so what would be the difference? Are they more detailed?



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A Dietitian will make up a customized meal plan for you, based on your likes and dislikes.


He or She will spend probably a good hour going over what you eat and how much you should eat each day. They will do more than just explain the food groups to you.


You will leave there with a few meal plans and a new understanding of the importance of food.


They will calculate the number of calories your body needs each day, depending upon whether or not you need to gain or lose weight.


It's well worth the visit.


Good luck to you.



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doctors can't give you diets. who told you that? they can tell you that you broke out from something and diagnose it to something you ate.


a dietitian can help you gain or lose weight as needed. they analyze what you currently eat, recommend what you should eat, and re-evaluate.

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Doctors can advise on diet and give mealplans based on plans already developed.


Dieticians will work with you to understand food, it's importance, how to get a nutritionally balanced diet, what does what and develop a specific plan tailored to individual needs. They may also delve into your attitude towards food and eating.

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