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panic attacks

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Hey all. One of my best friends is a very stressful guy and doesnt change himself for many years. An now he is in the hospital with panic attack symptoms. He called me and told me and I asked about the amount of work he was doing but he said he would call later cause he didnt want to think about his work. I told him though to call me if he needed anything. What should I do at this point?

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didn't know people stay at hospital b/c panic attacks

maybe try medication if it's very heavy

I have panic attacks myself (eventually see several threads of mine) but possibly he will have it more heavy


Hmm.. what you shoud do.. well, I understand at least not to talk about work etc.

If it was about me the answer would be to be very alert about how I react so stop in time if reaction is negative or perhaps even when neutral. Show you are there for support/help.

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