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"my Predicament"

My girlfriend and I were going through a tough time 6 months ago and she split up with me. It took some time before it hit me to realize she was actually gone!! We continued to talk for a bit and she decided it was for the best that we stayed together. we got back together but i had found out she was with her X boyfriend when we were split. While we were together she began texting and speaking with him, i wanted her to stop to ensure it was not an emotional relationship still. She did. bout a month later a new X boyfriend starts to talk with her. she says they dont talk but i see huge incriments of time used up on her cell bill, unavailable calls that ranged from 10 Minutes or 80 minutes. how should i handle the trust issue i have so many big problems letting people fully in and i nered to start trusting her, I need advice how to overcome trust issues and fast!!! I cannot and will not let this wonderful being slip through my fingers again?? How would a man witha past like that get over trust issues!! my heart bleeds with my partner. i need to know how to accept her love. and advice i'd love to know!! Love luv

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