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i'm 15 years old and i have been going out with a boy for 3 months and i have done sexual stuff with other boys (not all the way but some minor stuff) but i really like the boy that i am with maybe even love!!! he feels the same way but none of us have done anything sexual together and i don't think either of us are ready especialy him since he has never done anything with a girl. when we are together we have fun, watch films, talk, and yeah we do make out a litle its no big deal but i fort i'd tel u just in case u might think we r just friends we arent!! we are both very attracted to each other!!


i don't want to yet, i don't know why but i don't want to... will there be a time where i wil?? there was with my last boyfriend but he didn't and with another boy who was experienced he went straight 4 it and i just went along with it i guess. pls help me!!!


from kate xxx

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Well you've obviously got a serious case of new love butterflies- that's great! If you say you're not ready it's easy- you're not, so don't. Yes, there will be a time when you will not be able to help yourself and you'll end up having sex- yes absolutley, most definatley! Just make sure that when you put yourself into that situation it's with a guy who cares about you, and respects your decision and you both go ahead together.


Right now take is slow! You're young (I know you probably didn't want to hear that) but some of us folkes didn't lose our virginity until we're way out of highschool! I lost mine when I was 19! So no rush don't you think?


Looking back now I wish I could "hookup like highschoolers" It's the most fun that way! Makeout sessions that don't go anywhere... then some touchy feely stuff that never gets all the clothes off... then there's the stuff that REALLY gets the hormones going... and then ONE day... when you're both SUPER honry (and hopefully in a good relationship- with some love) you will both have sex! So just sit back and enjoy the ride and I PROMISE one day you will want to round 3rd base... all the way home.


HAVE FUN and no rush!

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