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She is depressed and I dont know what to do

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Hey all,

Well I have got something ask (well more, just, spill out). I just got back from a family trip, (I left on the 26th and just came back on the 30th), before I left I hadnt really talked to her since the 24th, and when I come back she has become anti-social and dosent want to talk to me. We talk over MSN Messenger and when I told her today that i missed her she said "no you dont, there isnt anything to miss", I replied by saying that there is and i reminded her that i love her, to this she replies "No you dont" from then on she talks less and less and then abruply leaves. Now I am really confused, and dont know what to think. Well I dont know that there is really any questions there but i just needed to talk to someone who will listen.


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I presume this is you're girlfriend you're talking about? It's sounds like she's going cold on you, obviously. Although if she's your girlfriend communicate with her. Next time you see her online just say "hey, did I do something wrong? because you seem sorta distant to me lately, just wondering why.."


There are a mirage of reasons why she's acting this way IE on her period, family problems etc etc... Talk to her and ask. Communication is key.

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it sounds like she is depressed girls sometiems just need to be reminded that there beutiful and there loved tis just the wayit is write her a heard filled letter and just say how beutiful she is and how u will always love her she wil feel loved and it will be good try it it may work good luck!!!

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Well, I hate to tell you this, but sometimes when people act the way you are describing, they sometimes have been talking to somebody else. You had not contacted her in a week and I assume that you did not even wish her a merry christmas, which means that you may have pushed her away and she went looking for some solice and found some in another.


I agree that you need to communicate with her, but if she will not talk than you made a key mistake( by not contacting her) and learn from it in the future.



Also, by not contacting her you probably made her feel bad about herself and now you have to deal with that issue. IF THIS WAS/IS YOUR GIRLFRIEND

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