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A New Years Wish


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A New Years Wish


This coming year I pray for the strength

To do what I cant.

To end the pain.

This year I will find a way,

To find the courage to follow through.

They won't understand….

But they are not in my shoes.

My life is meaningless…..

Why go on?

My wish this year is for it all to just END………..

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i feel your pain. please find the strength and the courage to get yourself help. to find a reason to go on living. look at the beauty in this world. you are meaningful. ending it is an easy way. think positive. hardship and pain are all a part of life. you can change. i hope that you will learn that you are important in this macrocosm. happy new year.

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Yo, Kami!


Do what I do. Everyday I try to find strength within myself - always it is fleeing, but you just have to grip it and hold on to it. Find who you were before this sadness came and raise that spirit, it's in there, you just have to find a way to lure it out. I managed to do so by contemplating and just trying to find the original Me, the one I was before sadness came to me.


Find that person and you'll see that all good things Do Not have to come to an end.


Good luck, pal.

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If your having thoughts of Suicide the is NOT the answer, you achieve nothing by suicide, It's meaningless, it brings no compassion, no strength, nothing....


you have a future, you just have not found the passage that will lead you in the right direction to fulfill your needs, and your wants in life, It's sometimes called ambition, and drive, i see you want too continue, But you hide it behind that words of sorrow, grief, because you have not yet seen any bit of light at the end of the passage you have found yourself lost, Guidance is what you lack, and to navigate your way into that light is going to first come from you.


it's simply really you have not given up if you keep trying, and trying brings you victory, success, it makes your deepest wants and needs into your hands, and once you have those, you have the power to create more of what you want out of life.

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I used to be suicidal and destructive to myself as well as whatever was around me. There are only a few things I didn't do to try and kill myself (shoot myself with a gun or take cionide).


It took time to understand why I shouldn't just continue to try and "end the pain". Living isn't easy to do for alot of people. It may be due to the circumstances involving everything from money, love, family relationships, physical and mental health, to other things that effect us so much. It's hard to change the way you view your world, but that's what it takes to live -changes to the way you percieve things.


I'm not a counselor, so I won't try to act like one, nor do I want to. But I offer you or anyone else here my ear as well as opinions and personal experiences if it would help, I think it would.

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hey again,

man people round here are caring.

simplistic and open to your own emotions, you have a talent within your writing.


yet when analysing it i feel that youve become worse within yourself (not as a bad person but your emotions have strengthened)

your last poem spoke of the act of suicide in the sense that you wouldnt because of people around you. yet now its the act in doing it for life has no meaning. when people say that with time things will change, it may be so, but i guess sometimes we arent prepared to wait. even though now nothing seems to fit into place, this act may be looked upon later to have been something to change you, and enlighten you. however ton go through with it, would it be ending something you may later acomplish love, cherish?


within what you write, shows an empowering piece of work, despite the motive and meaning you are speaking, truly from you desires, and wishes within life itself. im glad that you can speak up for what you believe in and want. not youve learnt you have this voice that can change all aspect wont you carry on to use it for further accomplishments?


good luck in life kamikaze.


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