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Depression - No motivation/drive

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Depression has seriously affected my ability to function in life. I am a young male that has been battling with stagnation due to the condition for a few years and it's gotten to the point to where I need to express my frustration and look for avenues I can grab onto to crawl out of this miserable abyss. I'm a recent college graduate with no baggage (no kids, financial problems, and an awesome living arrangement), I'm in great health, I'm a good looking guy from what I've been told, and I've set a great foundation for myself, yet I feel no self-worth. A menial task such as putting away clean dishes becomes an arduous undertaking, and I ask myself how in the hell I feel this way every single day.


About 8 months out of college, I landed an awesome first job as a manager with a highly respected company, yet quit 2.5 months in because I was miserable everyday I went into work. The company treated me in a very high class manner, but doing the job was near impossible with my mental state. I burned bridges and damaged relationships and I KNEW I was doing it, yet putting in the effort to prevent the problems from occurring was too overwhelming for me. I feel extremely guilty about it, but my uncaring attitude is holding me prisoner. Before this, I considered myself to be an overall good person, but now I feel like I'm using people and abusing resources to survive. My conscience is eating away at me, but I honestly feel incapacitated.


The only satisfaction I get in life currently is playing video games, having sex as much as possible (I think I'm addicted), and drinking socially.


I've been on medication (lexapro specifically) and saw moderate improvements and will get back on, but what can I do specifically to shake the negativity I have with this mental condition?

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