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Hello all,


It's been a long while since I was last on here. Last year my wife and I separated, and it was really the hardest thing I've ever dealt with. She went from kind and courteous to flat out mean almost overnight.


around halloween, I went NC. She ended up coming to my family's home on Christmas eve, bringing a few hundred dollars in gifts for everyone....including me. Not that I cared about the gifts, but it was a weird turnaround from where she had been, especially after 2 months of NC.


Anyways, for whatever it's worth, NC did seem to work. She really changed.


We started hanging out again after that, and really started to get good over these last few months. Last month we went on vacation together and finally made love and afterwords, have been hanging out all of the time, getting along great.


Then last weekend she had a headache and wasn't in the best of moods. She snapped once or twice so I got kind of quiet, wanting to avoid escalating it. It was weird because earlier in the morning she was still very friendly.


anyways, after dinner she dropped me off, then called about an hour later to say things aren't working out. Completely out of left field. She mentioned a few things, but they are waaaaayy too petty, and she is not that shallow. As best as I can figure, she either doesn't want to be in a tied down relationship again (probable) or she never was really sure she wanted to start things up again, but was willing to give it a partial shot to see if she had been wrong in the first place (likely).


What a waste of a year! Year to the date last year, coincidentally. I seriously have done everything possible over the last twelve months, more than anyone else would have, and FAR more than she was giving back. Somehow it still wasn't enough.


I can't stress enough how great the last few months were. That makes it a hell of a lot tougher to understand. She says she still loves me, and that it's not about that. She says she just does not believe we are compatible. I guess she is right.


anyways, just wanted to share my update. Hopefully everyone else is having better luck.

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Sorry bud. At least you gave it another shot, and can honestly say you tried. It is her that has the problems in my opinion and not you. I think it was nice of her as well to give it another go, but in the end it did not work. So it must be for the best. Just keep your chin up and MRS. Right will come along again someday.

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Sorry things didn't go as you had expected. I guess the real reason that you are feeling gutted right now is because of the expectations you held. Its really close to impossible to figure what's going on inside another.


Really sorry things didn't work out....

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Funny you updated this because I have been afraid my stbx is going to one day do the same thing. Months ago I wished it would happen, and now I am scared to death she will actually want to. I am done with her but my son is the only thing that would remotely make me consider it if at all. When I first caught her I gave her three chances with counseling and caught her going back to her loser bf so I feel I have no regrets and never will. Time to finish healing up the rest of the way. Don't consider the year wasted as I'm sure you learned a lot about yourself during that time.



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