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Getting over being jealous


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You are not alone friend... Lots of people have problems with Jealousy to varying degrees. It's based on insecurity and low self worth. I know this and yet I still get jealous sometimes....


It's a willpower thing... my GF has almost always given me NO REASON for me to feel that way. I have to tell myself she's not out to hurt me.


It's the most useless emotion or feeling there is...

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Well i only seem to be jealous with her though.

Before i went out with her, i wasnt jealous at all.

If i liked a girl, so them with another guy, i would shrug it off.


But With my girlfriend, im extremly jealous.

No she hasnt cheated on me, but i seem to feel like she wants to or maybe thats just me. I always seem to think of the worse case scenario aswell.


If she goes out with friends or meets new people, i always seem to think the worst and i dont want to think like that no more. Its not fair on her.


Aswell as making me ill.

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Only thing I can tell you(as a person with past trust and jealousy issues) is just try to think better of your GF then that. Why would she be with you if she wanted to be with other guys?


Couldn't she just dump you, and have the freedom to do whatever she wanted? I mean really... does she need the drama of cheating? Of having to sneak around?


This is most likely ALL up to you. You have to make the decision to trust her. To trust that she's not going to cheat on you at the first opportunity.


Does she know how you feel?

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She has pushed it to far, i dont want my life to be around worrying what she is upto.

So i broke it off.


Thanks for the replies guys.


This issue will NEVER go away unless you deal with what's really the issue here. You will keep repeating this scenario to one degree or another no matter who the next relationship is with. You need to look deeper than you have. Lots of good information on this subject. It's all fear based thinking and your own insecurities. I know because this has been my story all my adult life. Now I'n choosing to see what is really making me fearful (abandonment issues) and getting professional help.


Hope this helps.

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