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ok so me and my ex broke up about 9 months ago because i found out she had been cheating on me. She still wanted to be friends...but after a while i got fed up with the bad memories and her attitude towards me. I felt better and i've gotten over it MOSTLY. All thats left now is just this unresolved issue. I decided that what i needed to truly move on was to just kinda resolve it. Clear the air so to say. So i e-mailed her saying that i wanted to clear the air and i understand that she probably hates me. She responded saying she didn't hate me and she never did because recently she has learned to let go of her grudges. She said that she doesn't know how i could forgive her because she can barely forgive herself and she agrees that we should talk.


I've had a gf for about six months who a feel very strongly for, so getting back together with my ex is really not an option. But, i had a dream about my ex last night, and i've been thinking about her a lot more and it suddenly hit me...


Did i just make a HUGE mistake?

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No i mean breaking no contact

I think so, yes. What are you trying to achieve by getting back into contact with her? You've moved on, so why are you trying to complicate your current situation with your current GF, by getting an ex back into the picture?

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Also no: because it sounds like you got what you wanted: to "clear the air." It sounds like the email exchange was a good way to gain "closure," as she expressed her remorse for treating you so poorly.


SO in my humble opinion, I think you should leave it at that, rather than continue on with contact, because as you experienced first-hand, sometimes contact with the ex, even one as nice and innocent as yours, takes us a step back, slightly.

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Honestly, I don't see any point in reestablishing contact, she cheated on you, things didn't end well, so why go back over all this and reopen old wounds?


You have something great going with a new girlfriend, and you're willing to open the door to someone who cheated on you, so that they can complicate your life all over again?


Personally, no thanks.

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