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what do you think i should do?

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i just broke up with my boyfriend like 1 week 1/2 ago..

His cousins are my friends ...and they have been going out with me since the break up..and they kept telling my ex everything i do.. his whole family keeps calling me.....and its driving me crazy....ask me if i miss him..and if we are going to get back together.. i want to get back with him..but his family is driving me crazy & i havent talked to him..in one week.......and he is the one who said he needs time for himself...


what do you think i should do? should keep getting alone that good with them?

i think i just might need a break...


Get along with them is going to get him back? i dont think he misses me because he knows what im doing........! and Mybe his family is pressuring him to much... i dont know HELP

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i dont know.. i really dont know because he always kepts things to himself..but his mom keeps telling me to be friends with him to call him...i know he tells his mom his stuff..but i dont know..But they are driving me crazy...


do you think i can get back? still talking to them?


why should i call him...

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The next time his family calls, I think you should tell them that you're not sure if you will be getting back together, and that all your doing right now is trying to get on with life and respect his requests by giving him his space. Then maybe you can gently remind them that maybe they need to do the same and try not to pressure him. Just explain that you're trying to do what's best for you and him both during this situation, and hopefully they'll understand. I'm sure the fact that they are trying so much to get involved is not helping much, and that's unfortuante. I'm sure it doesn't make things easier for you, either, with them calling all the time.

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its not easy because finally when i try not think about him, they call me or come over my house and i just cant stop thinkin about him ...because of them... and we broke up because when need space..and time! Time will tell if we getting back together..


and i want to get back with him but his family need to stop pressuring him and me

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most times, it's a good thing when family members really like you, but sheesh! they seem to be ruining it for you! I think you should tell them what's on your mind. If you approach it in a mature and reasonable way, I don't know why they wouldn't understand....... but I don't know them

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