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dating 7 girls......want a relationship with one of them


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ok, i just spent last weekend with the girl that i like that most. i took some advice and tried to narrow it down to the girl i like the most. we had a really fun weekend last weekend but she had to keep sneaking out to come and see me. she said it was because of her dad.

i called her today and she told me that she had gotten married a few months ago but that she still wanted to be with me. i don't do married woman so shes off the list.


one girl calls me two to three times a day but never wants to do any of the things i like and loves me with all kinds of conditions. we were suppose to get married but i couldn't handle all the control.

another girl i dated for a short time she got back with her ex. it didn't work out and she wants me back.

the fourth girl i like alot too but is very arrogant owns her own business and flirts with all kind of guys behind my back. but for some reason she is on the top of the list.

girl number five i don't think to much of other than being nice to her she has a really bad past.


girl number six, i was with her for four years and came home to find her in bed with my best friend. she buys me all kinds of stuff to make up for what she did.


and girl seven is sweet but has no direction.

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lol, holy crap! i guess you are serious. i guess the only girl who would even be considered relationship worthy might be girl #7.

she's sweet but has no direction. she will never figure out that you are going out with 6 other girls.



LMAO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was great SeaBisquit!!!!! I didn't even come close to thinking that when I read his post. You are on it!

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I have a friend that goes out with a few guys at a time. she listed them all under girls name on her phone so that the other guys don't find out.


like chuck is listed under chrissy

ron is listed under rhonda


just wondering do you do this to? what do you do when your with one girl and the other girls call?

and what happens if more than one shows up at your house? do you know when they there going to be there or something? how in the heck do you do all this?


ok, i think i got it your Hugh Heffner!

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this is really a problem! one of them calls me everyday, she acts like she way better than me. but she really has it all together. i woould have a nice life with her but she expects to much from me.


the other are mostly exes i see about every two weeks or so.

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1-3 girls I can understand-if you are JUST dating. But 7??


Why do you feel the need to be with all these girls? Are you sleeping with them all?


We can't decide for you who you want to be with. There are so many other factors than what you said.


I think for all the girls sakes, sit down, think long and hard. This is bad, but maybe make a checklist of all the good and bad about each one, and think about which one you enjoy being around the most, and have the most chemistry with.


When you decide, try dating the one exclusively.

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