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I am so screwed up


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I dont understand what is wrong with me. I've been doing so awesome in my life for awhile now: a ton of great friends, family, career, and with money, and given my crappy history with relationships in recent years, I just decided to stay out of them and just stay independent. It seems that I am constantly getting none of the women I want, and all of the ones I dont. Its this weird loop I blame on karma.


And sometimes I do find really good girls too that for some reason I just find reasons not to get involved. Like they are almost what I am looking for, but not enough so what's the point? Maybe I am too all or nothing, I guess.


So on July 4th a girl I know just starts making out with me out of the blue, and we spent the whole time at the party together having a great time. The the next night I see her, she was acting ackward, and then when I called her to follow up on when we were going to go out (which she wanted), she didn't call me back. I followed up with a text the next day just saying Hi, and nothing.


So I can't help but over-analyze it. I thought I was past this. Yeah, I really thought this was a girl I would be around for awhile with, and it isn't like I she came out of the blue. So now I am sitting here at work thinking about the disappoint of it all, like it is a repeat of an episode I've already had the pain of going through, and I can't turn it off for some reason. It is like when I decide that I like a girl, I start really caring and then it blows up in my face. I know many of you will say, take it slower and don't rush the thoughts, but it is more than that. I think it has so much to do with my past disappointments that it turns into a tidal wave I can't control.


And so now I sit here depressed. None of my friends can help me on this.

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You can't expect every girl you have a date with is going to be your gf. My buddy in college was exactly like your post. He would strive for a select choice of women and if and when he started talking to them or got thier number he would immediatley have such high hopes for the 2 of them. If he did get in a relationship with one of them he would always get used and hurt.

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