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I'm a Disaster at flirting in person!!! PLEASEE help :S

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Hey everyone. So this is going to sound like a dumb question. Especially since I bet it has an obvious answer. But I just CANT seem to do it right haha no matter how hard i try. I'm talking flirting LOL.... haha, in the last few days Ive been to gay/lesbian/bi events, have even gone to a gay/les/bi party thing and i had SEVERAL VERY CLEAR opportunities for flirting - occasions where a girl would actually LOOK my way, - i even got a SMILE from one and I either just kept staring back like open-mouthed in bewilderment until she finally got bored and moved away or walked to a different place, or I was COMPLETELY unable to do the whole 'looking away and down and smiling' thing. I was also unable to sustain a conversation with a really pretty girl that I decided I'd talk to. hahaha i went BLANK.


It was SO frustrating to realize that I had gotten several chances and had like wasted them all. The most frustrating one i think is the aspect of me going COMPLETELY red and reallly nervous when a pretty girl looks at me, that I immediately look down - but I look away and down FOREVER hahaha, like i never put my head up again to see if shes still there. THAT sucks.


And the biggest reason it all sucks is because: 1. without sounding full of myself (im not), im actually quite cute people tell me - so I shouldnt be afraid or lacking confidence.

2. I'm not typically shy at all in all other every-day situations!


I havent had much experience in the flirting in-person thing, but..I'm wondering if you think that there is hope for me haha or if Im just a totally hopeless case... please be honest. What do you think i can do to improve my 'skills' and really feel confident? Im told i have a good sense of humour and that i should use that when flirting...do you think that could be a cool thing to do? Only i dont want to fall into the trap of one-liners. thats REALLY lame. anyways please help!


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Practice! Also try reading one of those pick up artist books, The Game by Nevil Strauss should be fine, I'm sure it would have some applicable tips even if you aren't aiming to be a pickup artist lol.


edit: Nevermind The Game seems like a book about some pick up artist rather than tips, I never took a good look at it, Sorry.

Try the Mystery Method.

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nawww, well i have a pick up line i havent had the chance to use yet (well actually yeah i did but my teacher held me abck and the girl left the school lmao



you: excuse me, do you have the time?

them: oh yeah its/no i dont sorry

you: ohh naah its kool i didnt want the time, i was just looking for a excuse to talk to you


hahaha XD it owns, good luck

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Everyone gets nervous when they're talking to someone they find attractive.. it's perfectly normal. You'll get better- just keep at it. It's great that you're getting out there and socializing! Don't beat yourself up too much when things don't go quite right.

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the only thing i can think of to tell you is that......


you cant expect people to like you if you dont act like yourself. When someone wants to meet you they really want to know who you are, and I can reassuer you that if just act natural and be yourself then more girls will want to talk to you and when your calm and normal you will know what to say and another thing that should help is to RELAX AND BREATHE!!!


Good luck!

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well i believe that if you want to flirt..be yourself!!!dont use things to an extreme,coz usually when two people meet,wat maters is not what the person says atleaset 70% of the time,but how your present yourself,of course when youre talking try more flirting cues like,looking in the eyes,touching the persons shoulder from time to time,or hand.And from time to time SMILE..relax your body,sit straight and smile while talking.Ask the person alot of questions bout themselves..that makes it look like your interested,anyone would like to speak bout themselves if asked if u do it correctly!!!

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