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Is it possible to ask a girl out, then talk about it to the point you dont want to go out anymore


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This may sound like a weird question but I am planning to ask a girl out this weekend.


I asked her out about a year ago but she had a job that required 100% travel and asking to be her boyfriend at the time was like offering a triathlon runner a cup of sand to quench their thirst. It was too much for her to handle and i dont blame her. So we backed down again and have been really close since.


She is very shy and is a huge over- analyzer of just about everything. She also has trust issues and has trouble being close to people- sounds like a lot to put up with but she had a hard childhood, but I absolutely crazy about her and in my heart i feel like i am falling for her.


We talk everyday and see each other every chance we get.


Now my question is regarding when i ask her out, I am afraid she may completely over analyze the entire question, then she will start talking about it and probably completely kill the mood. and that is what i am worried about. Then i am expecting an awkward silence and go from there, we both are kind of socially awkward.


I want to ask her out, and let everything else fall into place, how can this be done?


Or should i just not ask her out, and continue what we are doing....

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