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So i'm doing NC. I've been doing it for a while now and he's been initiating all the contact. Last saturday he told me he couldn't talk to me at this point in time because he's with someone else. I didn't put up a fight i just hung up. Haven't heard from him since. Tonight i got a text, looked at my phone and it was his name. I opened it and it said "can you give (his best friend) (my best friend)'s number." that was it. I guess i was bummed because i expected more, i dont know why. But i've been reading alot on here and i'm just going to disappear from the picture and hope for the best. Blahhhhhh.....

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aghh, yeah I'm currently on no contact as well and its very hard!

it would really suck if my ex contacted me, and i got my hopes up thinking it was something more and it turns out it was such a gay question..... blah!

i feel for you

i would just give him the information he requested, keep it business-like and continue doing no contact because you're definitely not ready to talk to him as friends.


when you say "hope for the best", it is for you to get over him, especially now that he has found someone else.

it is time for you to focus on yourself and your life and trying to do things that make you happy.

examine the relationship and see if there's things that you would like to improve about yourself.

and just try to move on from this.. but yeah im telling you all of this and i'm going through the same thing and it sucks!

hope it was easier.. but i guess its always harder at the beginning and gets better with time..

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Just stick with it ... you are doing the best thing for YOU.


NC is very, very hard in the beginning ESPECIALLY when the ex is contacting YOU. But don't let that distract you.


You say he's got someone new...all the more reason for you to focus on YOU and forget about him.


That was a stupid, pointless text that he sent.

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Stand up for yourself---he's been initiating all contact and then tells you not to contact him? Tell him HE'S the one that's been doing that. Say, "Stop contacting me and stop hurting me." And if he replies, do not reply back. Ever.


Don't reply with the answer he wants. He's playing games with you.

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