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Ejaculation problems.


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I Am 17 years old almost 18guy.

With a high sex drive, However ever since i had been diagonsed with Clinical Depression, Both the medicanes iv been on "Zoloft" + effaxfor " have made it almost impossible to Ejaculate.


I have sex with a girl for 15-30 mins,and i always feel like im almost there but just cant reach that last bit. I can do it if i solo masturebate and go nuts but that sucks


I was wondering if anyone has had simlair problems and which medicane did they switch to?

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Unfortunately most anti-anything meds do have this affect on men. I would ask you this; Is it that important that you be able to finish? I only think of my partners pleasure and not my own so finishing for me isn't always that big of a deal. Make sure your partner knows you are on meds that can make it hard to ejactulate so they don't think it is them. You can always have them talk dirty and play it up at the end and that might help. Talk to you doctor and maybe find the one that has the least affect on you.


good luck



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ive been on Effexor for about 7 years, and I can assure you that it does not help the intimacy life situation! My sex drive is normal too.. even high.. but just like you, I cant cum, eventhough it feels like I almost can. The problem is that you have to explain to the girl that you still enjoy it, and its not like "she can't make you cum".. they seem to have an issue with that (or maybe thats just my experience).. you can take an "effexor vacation" for like 12-24 hours, and I promise to you that you will be back to normal. BUT, dont even stop Effexor cold turkey.. DEADLY freaky stuff my friend..

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I have suffered the effects you described with anit depressants and now I am the same with out. It has been some years since I stopped taking them so I don't believe that they are related. I have just ended a relationship with a Lady who was very understanding of the problem and although both of us enjoyed the staying power it also messes with your head as a man. When do you stop, what is the point of it, and regardless of what they say it just doesn't feel natural.

Women also start to question wether they turn you on.

I would think that you should expect that you will only return to normal once you are off the drugs. Talk to your doctor

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