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be friend with ex?


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I've been with a guy for 2 months, he finally blame me for being hot and cold , then just disappeared. I tried to talk to him, but he just won't answer the phone.


it has been two months after we stopped talking. we've cooled down I guess, I know I'm still pissed off by the way he broke off with me.but I still miss him a lot. I'm pretty sure that it won't work out between us. we're attracted to each other a lot, the reason we're hurting each other is that we're not good matches and we want different things. but I still want to know how he's doing... can I ask him to be my friend? or is it better not talking? and why the hell a guy won't talk to you before breaking it off with you?


I know I shouldn't be so attached, but I'm...

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yes, I was hot and cold. that's because I know from the beginning that he's not a good match for me, but I'm attracted to him.


It's probably safer that we don't talk.. thanks everyone for your advices. I know I'm feeling lonely these days, that's why I'm missing him... and I'm making excuses for him that he ignored me because it's hard for him to break up in person or on phone with me. anyway.... I'm telling myself "be strong" and stay away from him.


what were you doing to be "hot and cold?" did he specify? do you think there is some truth there? if you do want to be friends, i'd talk to him about it.
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