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why does it actually really hurt?

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Why does our heart, or in the chest area, actually hurt when saying goodbyes to someone you are in love with? Even when I think I have my mind on other things and off of the ex-boyfriend, I still feel that achy feeling inside my chest. I can be watching a funny movie, laugh a little, but I still feel that pain. Even when I think my mind is moving on, my heart feels like it isn't and just reminds me I still miss him. =(


Really, this pain hurts more and has lasted longer than just having to say goodbye to someone close who dies. My grandmother died not too long ago and I've lost pets that I loved dearly, but after a couple of weeks, even though I miss them alot, the pain inside went away. I guess it shows the difference of loving someone and being in love...or maybe the fact the person is still alive and you can't be with them.


Wish there was a pill to take to numb this pain..like aspirin or something.. but there is nothing but alot of time =(

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Ouch I know that feeling. I felt pain in my chest for at least 1 month following my last breakup. I was in a 4 year relationship that ended 18 months ago.


All I felt like doing was staying in bed all day. I didn't want to eat or do anything else.


It's real heartache man. That's why you feel pain in your chest. You are heartbroken. I think this pain is worse and lasts longer if you have been rejected than if you lost a significant other through death.

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