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What do you love about yourself?

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hey self discoverer,


Great topic. Should be intereting.

My main aim this new year is to become a better person. This way i will become even more confident and be able to live life to the fullest before i die.


i already love myself alot, but i feel there is more love to be found. 5 things? ok


-i love my personality, i think it is unique and rare because it is such a mix of great things.

-i love my motivational side, when i set my mind on something i never ever easily give up on it. Its just naturally in me. I can't let it go without at least some effort. Thats why i am usually referred to as a natural leader.

-i love my physical appearance, i am quite muscular ( 8) ) and very fit, and i have a beautiful face . I have been asked to model for some photo shoots as part of my work's marketing campaign, so i have reason to be quite happy!

-My intelligence is very high, i have an IQ of about 120 which was labelled as above average, and i do very very well at university.

-My ability to make friends, i make new friends every week so i've got a few contacts. 8)


ok that felt like writing a personal application! Anything missing? Well i dont really have anything to live for. Im just rolling with life one day at a time. Theres always room for improvement, so im gonna try to become even more desirable.

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Great Topic for the New Year


1) I'm very loyal

2) I'm caring

3) I Like the fact that I'm clean and neat

4) I have insight and vision

5) I can pick myself up dust myself off and get back in the game of life when I get knocked down.


6) I can come here in 2004 and meet some great friends that help each other and care about other people.



Party Hard Tonight !!!!!! Happy New Year Everyone !!!!!


Be safe and Don't Drink & Drive, take a cab it is alot cheaper



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Hey Self D... I love this topic. Thanks for making me think about things I like about myself. I think this will brighten my day.


The # 1 thing I love about myself is my heart. My heart is very big. I am by nature a kind loving person. I am very sensitive to others, and don't like to see people hurt. I'm also very giving...I'd give my last dime to a person in need. I can't sleep until I have helped that person. Sometimes this hurts me and blows up in my face..."i've been cursed with a big heart"


# 2 I'm intuitive, I can smell a rat a mile away...(when it comes to fake friends or frauds)


# 3 I'm strong both Physically and Mentally. I can put up with a lot and still hang on to see tomorrow. I may feel like giving up sometimes but usually I snap out of it and wake up.


#4 I'm Funny. "most people laugh when they are around" me this makes me feel really good! I like making people smile.


#5 I'm a very honest person. I don't steal, I don't lie (maybe a white lie here or there..but for the most part..i'm an honest woman.




The one BIG thing that is missing from this list is COnfidence. I just dont have very much of it. I'm a nice person. I know that,..but I have a lot of insecurities..so this gets in the way. If I knew what to do about it..I probably would have done it already.


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Hi, Thanks for your replies. They've all been very thoughtful and insightful.


Here are my five, hopefully withiut sounding like a personals ad!


[list=]1. I am very intelligent. I don't make a point of displaying this (out of shyness), but it becomes apparent to those I know (which I find quite embarrassing, although I do take umbrage at those who doubt this)


2. I am good looking although I didn't recognise this in my prime and I thought the admiring glances I got in the street were par for the course. It's only recently that I realised that they weren't


3. I've a boundless enthusiasm for life despite, or perhaps because, of going through an awful lot of torment in my past.


4. I'm very kind hearted and I have never held a grudge against anybody.


5. I have the ambition to want to make a positive contribution to the world in some way.


God, this makes me sound big headed (lol)


Like SweetyPie, my biggest drawback is lack of confidence. I need to care less about what I'm doing and what others think and get on with becoming who I am in my own mind.



Keep the replies coming and may everyone her prosper and be happy in 2004

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im intrigued, lets think five things without sounding vain:


1: learning to be myself and not follow others opinions yet stating my own.

2: the ability to talk to new people easily and interact freely

3: open minded, im opinionated yet listen to others

4: empowering

5: my a$$, lets face it, its nice! then again theres my legs, eyes, body (wait im joking just my a$$ for now)


one thing thats missing from my list would have to be to control my emotions all the time, like when i can become emotionally involved with some what that i cant even see or hear, but when they hurt i hurt. some people see it as a good characteristic and it may be, but to control it and understand things when they go wrong are difficult.


enjoy the new year everyone! let it bring a brightness to some of those that have been casted with darkness.


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Hi SD,

What a great post - and just in the nick of time before I go out and face the New Year crowd tonight.

Here are the five things I love about myself.

1) I have made the most of my life. I have been through a lot, both good and bad. Lost more than most, and yet, no matter how hard I try I still don't detect much bitterness. And there's one reason for that:

2) I am analytical. It's not that I enjoy being analytical, it's just beyond my control. I crunch things. I like to weigh the pros and cons. I like to find out the truth about my actions and feelings. I am loathe to let myself off the hook too easily. I love being fair and just to myself and others.

3) I am loving. I still cry and I still can laugh so hard the tears come rolling down. I care, I go out of my way. But everyday I learn more about the not-so-subtle difference between loving and being a doormat.

4) I am funny ( at least I think so), and I like to see people laugh and smile.

5) I have a conscience and I'm not complacent. I feel bad when i make mistakes, and I can't get any peace until I've taken corrective measures. I ask for forgiveness.


Now the things I would like to work more on:

1) I want to be happier living a life with no romantic love.

2) I want to stop smoking, and start training for that marathon again

3) I want to tame my drive (my ambition verges on the neurotic sometimes)

4) I want to age gracefully

5) I want to be more thankful for the things i have in my life.


Happy New Year everyone!

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Herr.. I'll have to think for a while..!


* My eyebrows - They rock. People say they make me look evil but some also say that they make me look very good.


* My will to try and help others in the best possible way.


* My compassion.


* My ideals and valuations.


* My superpowers! I can breakfall against any super-attack whatsoever!


Maybe the fifth thing was false.. But the other four were still true IMHO.

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my naivete and my sincere ignorance or is it really sincere? i don't know.


i like how i cannot objectively see myself

and i like how i don't understand the perception and understanding of others.


all i know is me.


i like how i give off an sense of confidence when its not true.


i like how women with emotional issues are attracted to me as well.

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