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feel pressured to have sex


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I don't know what to do. My partner has a very strong libido and I feel pressured to have sex which turns me off more. We have been having some problems which we are trying to work through. At this time I don't feel close enough to him to want to have sex because we have recently had arguments that have really hurt me.


I also suffer from an anxiety disorder and went on a sedative to try and help me cope with some of the problems we were having. This has completely destroyed my libido.


If I don't take the med I have sex drive but can have other problems that can affect the relationship in a negative way and if i do take the med it helps me to be calmer but I just want to sleep and don't feel like sex at all.. My partner then feels rejected and frustrated.


I don't know what to do , thanks for reading I don't expect anyone to have any answers.


I will see a psychologist tomorrow but it is an embarrasing topic to talk about. (for me)

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I had a male partner take meds for depression and it killed his libido, also. I stood by him for five years but he made no move to improve the situation. So, I left the relationship. Sex is too important to let fall by the wayside. Find something that works before it's too late.

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Nobody should be coerced into having sex when they don't want it. It's not your fault that you have to take the meds. IMO he should accept you as you are; if he needs sex when you're not willing he should take care of it himself or do as the last poster did and split.


Just my two cents...

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i could be your partner and you could be my husband. for reasons i don't understand [possibly because all the pregnancy hormones have finally left my system] my sex drive has sky rocketed through the roof and my husband's [possibly due to being a new father and being more tired] has fallen through the floor. he's at the point where once a week is too much for him and i'm at the point where once a day is no where near what i crave.


i often feel as though i'm pressuring him for sex, even though i don't mean to. but i'm constantly in a state of arousal and he's absolutely gorgeous to me and i want him so badly. i can't help those feelings currently and i'm sure your man is as frustrated as i am. i feel horrible that i can't control these feelings and it does hurt when he turns me down, and my husband feels bad that he doesn't want it as often as me because he feels like he isn't satisfying me.


i can't really offer any advice because my husband and i haven't found much of a middle ground at the moment, but i can relate to the situation. it's frustrating on both sides and it's a hard phase to go through. i can't wait till we both even out again because it's so hard right now.

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If there is a problem in the relationship to where someone isn't getting there needs met they will leave if it can't be resolved in a way that both can be happy. Some may say "if he REALLY loves or cares for you he'll understand and stay to try to work it out"...but sex is apart of a healthy relationship and he CANNOT be judge or put at fault for having a naturally high sex drive. That's just apart of who he is as a person and you can't change that. It that part of the relationship isn't working chances are you may lose him because he may go out and find someone elsewho can "keep up".


If the psycologist doesn't work, then you may have to find someone with a lower sex drive. Either way, it seems one of ou may be walking. Hope it doesn't come to that, but my heart goes out to you and good luck on finding a solution

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