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Are there any normal girls left?


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I'm 25 and only started dating at the start of this year, so I'm really new to the scene and having a lot to learn to catch up. Since the beginning of the year I have had dates with 3 different women. 1 of which turned out to be a 5 1/2 month relationship. With a couple of the girls I noticed a red flag and I know I should have stayed away, but being so new.... I don't know. They are red flags for a reason. I've met all my dates off of dating sites cause I really have no idea where to meet single women. 1 turned me down for another date cause she wasn't attracted to me. Ok that blows but I respect her for being straight with me. So my last date I knew I should have ran from but decided to give her a chance. Why should have I run.... she was talking kids before we even met (The second day we talked she had already named the kids thing is she was also an attractive girl). It really is a funny story but I still have the worst luck with dating. I see so many people around me married and it seems like it was easier to meet someone back in the day. At this point I've pretty much given up on meeting anyone.

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I'm really sorry to hear that you feel this way, but don't worry, I'm the exact same way.


I find myself asking the same questions. However, the girls you've met seem to be pretty darn normal in comparison to the ones I've met.


Though I'm not new to the dating world, I've had a horrible time meeting women since the breakup with my ex gf, who also was a psycho, btw. I still hold anger towards her, and since she cheated on me, I have an extremely hard time trusting other people.


Listen to what I'm telling you...RUN when you spot even ONE red flag. You'll be sorry if you don't.


See, we all have flaws and sometimes we can accept them and live with the person, and other times we can't. That's probably what I hate most about dating...spending time, effort, money on someone you barely know, only to find out months or years later they weren't right for you.


But here's a big thing: if you look the other way when some of these flags start popping up, eventually you'll fall for this person and these red flags will destroy your relationship.


I knew from the very start my ex was wrong for me, but she convinced me we should date and eventually I fell in love with her, just as she started having an interest in someone else. So I got burned for taking a chance.


On the other hand, what's life without taking chances?


Hang in there. I think there's many people who prefer to be in a relationship for these very reasons. However, after many unsuccessful and heartbreaking experiences, it's easy to see why people like being single.


My advice: keep your eyes open for the right person, but make sure you spot the problems early. Decide what you can live with and what you can't, and NEVER fall too quickly.


As far as good places to meet women, well if you know of any, you'll have to let me know.

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There are plenty of "normal" women left. You just have to date more to find them. You see at 25 you are somewhat "expected" to have experience. Because you are not experienced things are different for you as you are "behind". When women get around that age they want to settle down. They've had experience and they are getting a better idea of the type of man they want. Your lack of experience puts you at a disadvantage for yourself because you may(or may not) want to be as "serious" as these women have become.


I have never gone out on a date and I'm 22. I KNOW I'm "behind" simply because things that make sense to others are not common knowledge/feel natural for me. I have been "catching up" through hypothetical questioning people who have been in multiple relationships(and gone on multiple dates) to get an idea of what I want and what to expect as far as "experienced" women.


Don't give up.It's too soon. As far as meeting women you can do that ANYWHERE. There is no "holy grail" so to speak. I often find that meeting women through friends is the best way to go for anyone who mentions this.


If your red flags are your standards, then don't get involved. It'sokay to have standards... as long as they are realistic

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I believe he means normal as in "no issues". A better word would be "untouched", "inexperienced", or "undamaged".


Not true. I expect girls at my age to have more experience than myself. It be unrealistic no too. But for instance is it normal in dating these days for a girl to discuss having kids with you in ur second conversation with her and before u even meet?

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