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Guys and their flirting


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I would like to know from a guys point of view


I honestly want to know


When guys flirt with girls... and even go as far as touching them I feel like this is a complete lack of respect on their part, do guys see it differently


this is becoming a major problem for me at work and i want to know what is behind it... is it that they just cant help themselves.. or that theyre just lechers or what its really starting to make e uncomfortable


I dont dress skimpily, I dont flirt with them. its just incessant sexual harassment coming at me from all directions. My boss.. coworkers.. random men.


What can i do to stop it. Im a naturally smily outgoing person and i dont want to have to change that but that maybe what it encouraging it?? I dont know what to do cos there isn't anyone i can really go to..

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What kind of touching? If it's a tap on the shoulder or something I don't see what the big deal is. If it's a slap on the butt though, yeah, that's a big problem, especially at work.


I would not be complaining about a tap on the shoulder but yeh something along those lines... slaps on the butt trying to grab and kiss me.. but never in front of other people. What makes it worse is that i dont even particularly enjoy being touched by people that I actually LIKE...

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That's not flirting after you say to the person that the touching makes you uncomfortable or is inappropriate - after you tell them, that is harassment.


No, it's not about a lack of control in "guys" - it's about these particular people who are acting in a rude way. But, you do need to tell them, once, to stop.

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I had a *touchy feely* boss. He would put his arm around me, even did this when I went for my very first interview and it made me feel very uncomfortable. I nearly didn't take the job because of this and wouldn't have taken it, if he'd been around constantly. However he would just pop along once a week and for ten minutes to the workplace, but I would avoid him.


Tap on the shoulder, things like that wouldn't bother me....too close for comfort, yuck!

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