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I have posted at length about my situation, so will just recap quickly:


My girl left me after 7 years, I was not a bad boyfriend to her, always complimented her and never cheated on her. She left due to lack of support when she was ill. This was initiated after a massive argument.


The thing is she has since acknowledged I have changed but is not giving me a chance. She has since totally shut me out of her life and is moving away in January to a new town. This is a huge step as her parents/friends are all here.


She is normally a caring a kind person and in my opinion has acted totally inappropriately. 7 years is a long time and 4 weeks prior to us splitting she had actually booked a wedding venue as we were planning on getting engaged.


I know she is currently feeling some anger towards me but do you think that in time is she is going to feel guilty about not giving me a second chance or feel any regret about her decision?

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She was off work with suspected ME for 9 months in 2006/2007. I only visited 3 times a week. She stayed with her parents.


I phoned her everyday though, countless times.


I think she resented that I was getting on with my life, going out occasionally as weekends etc


I found this period really difficult though as I cared so much about her.


A year after she went back to work she left me. Says that she had been uphappy for the last year because of resentment etc

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It's very possible that she may look back at her decision and regret it, and if she does she may contact you again with an apology. However, if she is the type of person who has a lot of pride and does not want to admit that she is wrong, it might be hard to find her regretting this decision.


Do you find yourself doing everything you can to get her back? You said that you phoned her daily. Perhaps if you give her an ultimatum, that in one last message say that you've tried all you can and you still love her, will always love her, and would do anything in your power to have her back. Then say that you've tried your best and that she isn't responding, so this is a goodbye, and until then, you are always waiting for her call. I think that might give her the message that you are still very into her and that the ball is in her court now.

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