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You'll DEFINITELY know when you've had an orgasm, it's the difference between feels good (the buildup), you might feel like you have to pee when it's building... but you'll have actual STRONG spasms when you have one, so you really WILL know. Don't panic if it takes a while before you figure out what'll do it for you though - takes time, and practice!


And some guys aren't comfortable ejaculating in their girl's mouths - doesn't mean they don't enjoy the bj, if you're worried about it you can always ask him, he might think you wouldn't want him to.

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I'll let The Morrigan handle the first part, I can't give any first hand knowledge being a male.


But as for your second point, some men can be extremely sensitive, and if the sensations are too great, it can almost become uncomfortable. This may be what's occurring in your case. If your boyfriend reaches the point of orgasm while in your mouth, it's unlikely he'll be able to repress his natural response at this point, and hold off until you withdraw.


If you use your hands, or watch him when he uses his, you will likely note that the contact made with a hand is different than with your mouth. In general, a hand will give a larger area of contact, which distributes the sensation of touch over a larger area. With your mouth, it will be a smaller area. As I said above, it's possible that smaller area is being over stimulated.


Another possibility is he needs stimulus in a different area. Again, watch where puts his hand if he ever masturbates for you. One thing to try in this case is to use your hand while he's in your mouth. Ease up on the stimulation you give him with your mouth, and use your hand to provide some additional stimulus, and see if that helps.


Another way to envision all of this is to think what happens when a man is inside a woman. Again, there's a large area of gentle pressure. This is what we're most programmed to react to.

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