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Do Fools Rush In?

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I suppose there have been times where I was a fool and rushed in. But it turned out to be a single man gold rush.

Finding a good pacing between you and your partner is very important. If things start moving fast, move fast. If you feel things are moving to quick, slow down. The important part of this is to talk with your partner about it. The more communication the better.

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A friend of mine slept with her boyfriend on their very first date, their relationship lasted less than a year and her boyfriend broke up with her. She didn't contact him for a month, he called, they started hanging out, gave their relationship a second shot, got sexual really fast again and broke up after less than a MONTH!!!


If you compare that to my relationship (Which has been over for almost three months,) my girlfriend and I didn't have our first kiss for over a month, and it was five months before we had sex, our relationship laster almost three years.


The differences in the two breaks is that my friend's boyfriend broke up with her for his own personal reasons where as my girlfriend and I were going through a bit of a rough patch and had even talked a few times with the intention of working out a few problems. While we were going through this tough time, somebody (Who was a mutual friend) told her that I can't be trusted and it would be in her best interest to break up with me. So she did, low and behold, the moment she breaks up with me, this guy professes his undying "love" for her... despite the two of them having never met and living 5000 miles away from each other. So now they're living happily... having cyber and phone sex, god am I happy to have friends.


So if you were to ask me, I would say the notion you implied and gave an example of, regarding "fools rushing in" is true, but there are other factors that contribute to the direction of a relationship. Those factors include, chemistry, attraction, the bond the two share, and most importantly (In my book,) Maturity.

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Sometimes relationships that start off quickly and intensely do work out...but I think most of the time the quick ones burn out just as quickly..because really, when it is quick it is not the love for the person they are feeling...they are just feeling "in love with the notion of being in love". In other words, they are in love with the fantasy rather than the person.

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Lol I never heard of that!


For me, I would never rush into a relationship. It needs time and consideration. You can't expect a seed to blossom quickly now can you? Needs time and consideration. I do find it amusing how both could know each other for a few weeks and claim with their hearts (or should I say flying hormones) they love each other to bits!


There have been successful relationships which have been rushed in, but I feel it's best to take things at a slow pace.


If there's a girl you like, hold your horses. Get to know her. Love is nothing without friendship. Create a strong friendship. And to create a strong friendship that would take a few months, not days.

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I think we've all seen enough examples of "I knew right away, we got married three months later, happily married 40 years later" to know that sometimes, it just is a crap shoot - two people meet, it works, end of story. I guess you can dissect it and find all sorts of "reasons" like both people were "ready" to fall in love etc but of course it can work. In general though, I agree with the high risk of "in love with love" in those burn hot, burn fast, insta-relationships.

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